Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freebie Friday

So I've been OBSESSED with TBA since I started this blog.  All of the authors are so inspirational, knowledgeable, and creative.  I am constantly "stalking" them and stealing all their freebies, so a great big THANK YOU to everyone for helping to make my new adventure a little easier :-)  Today is "Freebie Friday" on TBA, and I've decided to share a file that I made earlier today for Back to School Night with the parents.  It's a form they can fill out about their student that will better help me to understand and reach out to them.   At my previous school, all the parent were required to fill them out, and I referred to mine CONSTANTLY.  Please feel free to adapt it to your needs and students!!!! Click HERE for your freebie!

While you're here, if there is anyone who can help me to do 2 things to make my next freebie a little more successful, I have 2 questions:

1. How do I put up a photo of the file I just added?
2. How do I put the blog party button in this blog??

Stick with me- I'm new!!!!!

I hope you enjoy!

FREEBIE FRIDAY on Teaching Blog Addict

Monday, August 8, 2011

Officially Overwhelmed

Today I went and signed my contract- YAY!

I also saw my classroom for the first time- AHH!

It's EMPTY. I have 25 desks, a teacher desk, a table, 2 filing cabinets, 2 bookshelves, and THAT'S IT.  Well, except the interactive white board that I couldn't turn on and need SERIOUS training for.  I've heard stories of retired teachers leaving mountains of things for the new teacher, and was really hoping that this would be the case in my situation.  Boy was I wrong!

I need to reach out to anyone and everyone who is a teacher- Here's my question:


I have a limited budget, but want to make sure that I am 110% prepared for the first month of school until I get paid and can invest more in my classroom.  What is absolutely necessary for me to have, and what items can you not live without in your classroom?

Please help a sister teacher out!!!  Tell all your friends, link up!