Monday, July 25, 2011


Last night, my family had a surprise celebration for me, since it's taken me 4 years to finally secure a public school job.  Of course, everyone there was asking me millions of questions about my classroom.

"When do can you go decorate?"
"How many kids will you have?"
"What are they going to do the first day?"
"How in God's name to you teach a kid how to read?"
"What if one of them throw's up?"

and my personal favorite...

"You can't even keep your laundry organized, how are you going to manage 27 kids?"

Anxiety ensued.  Of course, in my head, I have the answers to these questions.  But not being able to physically go to the school, get in the classroom to see what is there so I can go get the stuff I want, and not knowing any of the children is really making me anxious!  Thus, I have officially had my first (of many, if my wedding was any indication of the sheer cruelty my mind is capable of when in deep REM) Back-to-School nightmares.

This is why I am reaching out to ya'll- Do any of you veteran teachers have any suggestions for me as a brand new teacher? What can I do to prepare for my classroom without ever having stepped foot in it?  I've already categorized my library by subject because I want to get used to the age group before I label them by difficulty.  I'm hoping that if I keep myself busy with 1st grade tasks, I wont drive myself CRAZY!


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  1. Set goals for yourself and do a little at a time. You see so many neat projects and want to do them all. Congratulations on your new job!! Yee-haw!!